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EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: One Strange Rock – Shield

“You will never look at the earth in the same way again”

On March 26, 2018, National Geographic premiered the documentary series, One Strange Rock,  directed by award-winning filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. It explores the story of Earth through the eyes of eight former astronauts, who have a unique perspective of our world. In this exclusive coverage with highlights from the third episode Shield [airing April 9  2018 US], Thomson Reuters Sustainability identifies the individual takeaways from the astronauts. 

A preview of the third episode in One Strange Rock – “Shield”

Thomson Reuters Sustainability: “What single take-away do you hope the audience keeps from the experience of this amazing program?”

Jeff Hoffman

“By seeing aspects of Planet Earth from the astronaut’s perspective, which so many have not experienced, I hope viewers get a stronger sense of the Earth as a planetary system in a delicate balance. This balance enables Earth to have allowed life to evolve and to support life, and that this sense of the Earth as a planet carries with it the recognition that it is finite and that human activities can cause significant changes that may be harmful. Most important is that viewers are left with a sense of awe and amazement, and I hope that some of the comments by my astronaut colleagues and myself help to bring this about.”

Peggy Whitson

“Planet Earth and our existence here is uniquely special and relies on an incredible number of interrelationships.”

Peggy Whitson reflects on her last day in space.

Jerry Linenger

 “Against all odds:  How fortunate for us, and for all of life on the planet, to exist in this time, at this place.  And maybe all the viewers of One Strange Rock might ponder: what am I doing with this gift of existence? Am I making every moment count?”

Arif Murnohamed

 “You will never look at the earth in the same way again”

A second preview of the third episode in One Strange Rock – “Shield”

Jane Root – Founder of Nutopia

“To appreciate how extraordinary this planet is – right down to every spec of dust, ever oxygen bubble…”

A third preview of the third episode in One Strange Rock – “Shield”

For more information on One Strange Rock, visit National Geographic.
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