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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Nature Conservancy holds a vote

At a time when many parts of the world are celebrating motherhood, the Nature Conservancy is holding a vote:

Which of these photos is your favorite?

Cast your vote now:

Each inspiring photo shows the kind of care and nurturing spirit that comes to mind when we think of mothers. But whether it’s a fiercely protective cheetah or an affectionate sea lion, species like these and the natural world they inhabit need our protection.

As a Nature Conservancy supporter, you’re helping care for vital habitats that are facing growing pressures in our rapidly changing world. And you’re helping create a more hopeful future for the next generation—not only for wildlife, but also for your own children, grandchildren and all who will inherit this planet.

Help celebrate all the ways we care for nature.

Thank you!
Shiloh Stark
Director of Digital Membership
The Nature Conservancy

PHOTOS: A Common Merganser mother shows true love by giving her ducklings a ride in Kishacoquillas Creek in Burnham, Pennsylvania © Anthony Moscatello. Grizzly mom and cub © Ines Goovaerts. A mother cheetah and her 5 cubs scan the horizon as a distant lion approaches at the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya © Scott Davis. Galapagos Sea lion with pup on the rocky shore of Santiago Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador © Robert Granzow. Sandhill Crane mother and colt © Karen Winchester.
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