Questions around sustainability are increasingly impacting how communities, businesses, financial markets and governments operate. The core issues concern how our planet thrives economically while at the same time promoting healthy people and ecosystems as defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

At Thomson Reuters, our Sustainability site focuses on climate, finance, energy, health, law, diversity and corporate governance, and we examine these topics with a group of trusted partners and industry leaders.

We combine news, perspectives, and expertise from across the world in real time.  Our partnership model brings insight and balance from experts across the global private and public sectors:

  • Executive Perspectives features interviews, opinion pieces and case studies from leaders and organizations across sectors on topics of sustainable development.
  • Youth Perspectives features articles and interviews with young leaders from across the globe, offering space and visibility to share insights, passions and opinions on the opportunities of sustainable development.
  • Gender Equality is a unique sister site “Leaders of Sustainable Development” focusing on the role Gender Equality (SDG 5) plays in sustainable development, featuring global leaders who are influencers in the space.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report is released quarterly. It utilizes Thomson Reuters ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) research data and the perspectives of our partners to track global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Editor’s Perspectives  combines shorter-form opinion and insight from across the Thomson Reuters businesses.
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  • Learn about the Thomson Reuters products that have a social impact here.

Learn more about how sustainability forms part of our Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion approach at Thomson Reuters in our annual report.